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How do I know what rhododendrons are right for my area? A simple guide is the hardiness ratings listed for each variety;the smaller the number such as H-1 the more cold hardy. Please call us for more detailed information on sun and heat tolerance and compatibility with your local soils.
How does shipping work? There are a number of options. Many customers choose to pick up plants at our nursery while others arrange to have common carriers pool several pickups in our area for delivery to their location. We can deliver plants within a 60 mile radius of our location. We can also arrange for delivery to you using a common carrier; we charge nothing for this service,l the carrier simply collects or bills you directly. In some instances we can bill freight to you, please call for details.
I need to change my order, what do I do? This is not a problem, we enjoy working with you to fine tune your order to your needs. Of course we ask that any cuts/cancellations be made well in advance of delivery(8 weeks).
How can I educate my customers about rhododendron care? We have handouts for you to give customers. We also have a plant help line(503-981-2139) set up to answer rhododendron questions. Let us do some of your customer relations work for you, hand the questions over to the rhodo experts.
What kind of payment terms are available? Our policy is cash prior to delivery on unestablished accounts. In many instances we can establish credit for you, just fill out a credit application and please allow 3 weeks for processing.
How may I receive a credit on plants? Please note any damage upon delivery on the bill of lading. Please call as soon as possible to discuss the nature of the claim and it will be resolved rapidly, most of time within 24 hours.
How long will it take to receive my order? For orders picked up at the nursery, generally 2 days are required to have your order ready. For orders delivered by us, we can generally give you same week delivery. Transcontinental shipments or shipments 700 miles or more require approximately 10-12 days notice. Please call for additional information.
I'm a member of a buying group, how do I proceed? We have programs set up with most national and many local buying groups. Please consult your program administrator or call us for specifics.
Our company has multiple locations, can we divide up our order? Sure, just let us know how you'd like to break out your order. we can help with logistics.
How are shipping charges calculated? We do not surcharge freight charges;we normally consult a few preferred shipping companies and relay these rates to you for your approval.

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